Locanda di Palazzo Cicala Locanda di Palazzo Cicala
Palazzo Serra is located in Piazza Banchi in Genoa, right at the crossroads which has been the very heart for local economy for centuries; the perfect example to understand local history, civilization and culture exactly where business interests, public initiatives and aristocratic heritage and legacy meet and which only through time Genoa has managed to unravel despite the crisis. This 16th-century palazzo which used to belong to the noble family Serra has on one side the San Pietro Church and the Loggia dei Mercanti (literally, Loggia of the Merchants) on the other. It is an architectural jewel of the time and it has been entirely restored; these major restorations have lasted for four years. The features Piazza Banchi shows nowadays go back in history and date back to more than ten centuries ago when right here they used to trade in wheat, hire sailormen and bargain over boat rentals. Then in the 16th century the urban-planning revolution took place, and the Loggia of Merchants and the Stock Market, being the very first one in Italy and meant to bargain over corn, were born; at the very same time two buildings were merged to give birth to Palazzo Serra, with many little shops (“botteghe”) on the ground floor. And it was right here that over the centuries aristocracy and commons fought their wars, winning or losing. Outside the palazzo original frescos have been preserved, according to the architectural plan which decided for columns mixing Tuscan, Doric and Corinthian styles; on the ground floor the Finale Ligure square-cut-stoned ashlar has been preserved. On the inside the main piece of news regards the re-opening of the old “botteghe” on the ground floor. The Locanda di Palazzo Cicala has recently acquired two apartments with the beautiful Palazzo Serra, located respectively on the second floor and on the fourth floor; each of them has its own features and peculiarities which make it unique. The first apartment offers three bedrooms, while the second apartment offers one bedroom. Both apartments are supplied with a spacious and luminous living area and a spacious bathroom with shower and bath-tub. Services and comforts are of high hotel level, with daily cleaning and changing of towels and bed linen. On request detailed information about secured parking facilities, wi-fi internet connection, multi-lingual touristic guide for taylor-made tours, laundry service, shopping delivery. Reception is open 24 hours a day at Palazzo Cicala.