Locanda di Palazzo Cicala Locanda di Palazzo Cicala
Locanda di Palazzo Cicala, hotel in Genoa city centre, offers a stay on Saturday 23/05 and Sunday 24/05//09 enjoying contemporary art exhibitions, music, shows, thematic visits and culinary tours along the ancient noble buildings known as “Palazzi dei Rolli”, now part of the UNESCO Heritage.

"Rolli Days": a route through the historical center of Genoa, where contemporary art meets the traditional art in Genoa noble buildings, which in the olden days used to host preeminent people when visiting the city. This is a unique chance to get a closer glimpse of Genoa and its Palazzi, which have been part of the UNESCO Heritage since 2006; Genoa historical, architectural and urban magnificence creates a lively and dynamic setting which is able to interact with contemporary aspects.     

"Palazzi dei Rolli", which used to be majestic mansions for the local noble families in the XVI century and to be chosen at random when preeminent people needed to be hosted, are for this special occasion transformed into exposition areas for contemporary art, music and dance in Genoa historical center. These buildings, beautifully enriched with halls, courtyards, stairwells, gardens and decorations, express a unique social and economical identity, which gives way to modern urban architecture in Europe.

Sculptures, videos, exhibitions and live performances by contemporary national and international artists literally enter these halls and courtyards. Today some of them host museums and public committees; others are privately-owned and get their doors open especially for this circumstance. The artists who have been invited will be creating specific works of art, where new technologies alternate with traditional techniques such as wood or marble sculpture.

These contemporary exhibitions interact with the characteristic historical venues. In some cases we come across a new way of interpreting contemporary art when it has to meet permanent exhibitions, such as the ones in Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso and Tursi along Via Garibaldi; the new perspective of co-existing without invading. 

The offer of thematic guided tours and food & drink appointments lead us, from one building to another, to the discovery of Genoa history: important Genoa family history and local cuisine link traditional history to popular and every-day culture.  



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